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The Profender Coil-Over Shock 2.0 is ideal for any vehicle from a recreational Buggy to an Ultra 4x4 off road race vehicle. The Coil-Over has been designed for tough terrain and made to withstand any condition a 4x4 vehicle may put it through. It can be set up to give you articulation which a stock suspension can never achieve.

Profender Coil-Overs are fully rebuildable, serviceable and re-tuneable. This means you only have to buy them once and you can alter them if you change the weights of the vehicle or if you put them in another buggy. It is made from steel and aluminium and comes with 8 step rebound adjuster to alter your ride according to the terrain your are traversing in or the type of driving you are doing.

The struts also come with preload adjustment apart from the rebound adjuster to give you maximum tune-ability as per preference. 

Construction - Steel & Aluminium
Colour - Silver and Blue
Specifications - 38in O/L, 23.5in C/L, 14in Travel
Included - 1
 Coilover Struts with Remote Reservoir & 8 Step Adjuster, 1x14 Inch Springs, 1x16 Inch Springs