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Cortland Company’s response to the industry’s growing need for a lighter, stronger winch line was Plasma® 12 strand, a braided high performance synthetic rope, manufactured from high modulus polyethylene (HMPE), which has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any synthetic fiber.

Cortland’s Plasma® rope is 7-10 times lighter than a steel rope of equivalent size and strength, making it much easier to carry, especially in rough terrain. Plasma® is also a safer option due to its construction, with a low risk of recoil; and offers better internal abrasion resistance.

Plasma® is not only equally strong to steel cables, yet lighter; it is also a safer option due to its construction. Unlike steel wire, which is wound, the strands of Plasma® fiber are braided; this means that when under strain, the Plasma® rope has only a fraction of energy build-up compared to steel cable. If breakage occurs, the Plasma® winch line simply drops to the ground instead of recoiling towards the vehicle or observers.

Plasma® rope also displays improved resistance to abrasion vs steel cables – the sort of wear and tear that causes steel cable to kink, splinter and fray, as well as becoming damaged from compression.

Since its introduction to winch events in 2000, the use of Plasma® rope has become a fixture, and the word Plasma® alone has become synonymous in the sport for high-performance synthetic rope.

Available in 2 Variants
11mm x 30 meters
12mm x 40 meters