PIAA 1100p LED White All Terrain Pattern

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The latest generation of the ultra-versatile 1100 lights may be the best yet. The All Terrain Projector (ATP) features a super wide, sharply cut beam pattern to illuminate far beyond the shoulders of the roads and in front of your vehicle to illuminate dark areas that the headlights can’t. The SAE-F Compliant beam eliminates glare for oncoming traffic and gives you peace of mind that you are running a street legal product. The innovative projector design efficiently harnesses all the power of the LED chips and shapes the beam for a precise cut line to keep all the light on the road and trail. The lightweight compact housing has a wide variety of mounting on any bike, ATV, or UTV.

Along with providing more all-around lighting while you're riding. The 1100p LED lights also provide added safety making the riding far more visible in all elements to other riders and drivers. Auxiliary lighting has been established to be one of the best safety tools riders can add to their bikes in terms of being more detectable much sooner than bikes with no auxiliary lighting.

Pair with our Fork Mount Kits for easy installation for most popular makes and models of motorcycles. These mount kits come with all hardware necessary to easily mount the 1100p LEDs to the lower forks of your bike for a big increase in safety and illumination in dark climates.

  • Ultra-wide beam pattern gives superior ground coverage compared to low beams
  • Newly developed projector technology controls the output for better beam definition
  • 6000k white output to replicate daylight for better illumination at night
  • Increases safety by making the rider far more visible on the road for oncoming traffic
  • The 2-13/32" compact and lightweight lamp can mount virtually anywhere
  • Comes with two lights, mounting hardware, and harness with relay, fuse and switch
  • SAE-f compliant, 15g vibration rated and back by a two-year warranty
  • Over 100+ mounting fitment for all popular makes and models