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Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles with limited installation clearance. Increased central light intensity provides improved road visibility for distance.
The most advanced lighting design technology, thorough knowledge of LED light, delivers ideal beam pattern through clear cut-off line. 

• Provides more ROM for Limited installation Clearance 
• Drive Unit Separate Design
• LED Placement replicates Halogen Filament Placement 
• Small sized new Design
• Unique Heatsink Design assists efficient Heat Release without sacrificing LED Light Output
• Design Registration applied

• Increased Central Light Intensity
• Using Lighting Simulation System
• Unique Design Provides Improved Road Visibility for Distance and Width without Loss of LED Light.

• LED Placement replicates Halogen Filament Placement
• Provides Improved Performance, Road Visibility and Safety
• Product Excellence can't be fully described by Lumens
• Delivers Ideal Beam Pattern with the Elimination of Glare Light

[Why LEDs densely placed?]
Using IPF's own technique, the most advanced optical design provides increased maximum light output and intensity, farther reaching light beam, by shortening the physical distance between LEDs.
With efficiently designed LED placement, IPF's new LED conversion kit, the 141HLB delivers improved road visibility and safety for night-time driving.
After the model of precedent IPF's H4 LED conversion kits, this new small-sized alternative also replicates halogen filament placement for improved road visibility and performance.
Densely placed LEDs increased maximum light output and intensity for road visibility and safety which can't be fully described by lumens.

• Built using Insulating Layer with Heat-Resistant Material
• Reduced the Development of Change in Appearance
• Lasts long, Minimum Appearance Change by Aging

• Improved Bulb Fitting

• Easy Installation, Plug & Play.

• Using Gold Flash Plating provides Flatness than conventional Solder Leveler on Surface Finishing
• Provides broad operable Voltage Range 12/24V
• No need for Polar Check
• Polarity workable
• Easy Installation, User-friendly Design
• Suits a Variety of Vehicle Types (EV, PHEV and Autogas vehicles)
• Designed to provide Installation Ease

IPF's new design method enables electric components to be built steadily,
it ensures highly accurate detection of defects in production line which improves product reliability.