IPF Dual-Color LED Fog Lamp Bulb

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Engineered and manufactured in Japan, the IPF dual-color LED fog lamp bulb range delivers outstanding usability and performance in all conditions.
Drivers can respond to various road surfaces and weather conditions, using switchable fog lamp bulbs in two different LED light colors.

Many users want to opt for emission color of fog lamp to respond to various weather conditions while behind the wheel.
Developed optimum LED chips for fog lamp bulbs together with LED chip manufacturer, and IPF accommodated customer and market demand for creating an ideal LED fog lamp bulbs.
IPF merged a superior optics design and newly developed switching control function, and converting them into a commercial reality.
• True white daylight color for a standard night driving (6500K)
• Yellow LED light provides improved wet road surface visibility in adverse weather conditions (2800K)
• New LED bulb delivers an ideal of user-friendliness and high level of convenience.

IPF optimized each light distribution of white and yellow LED light colors to deliver sound beam patterns (patented).
Aligning white and yellow LED chips in a straight line doesn't replicate halogen filament placement. And incorrect LED placement and luminous points' misalignment don't create a sound beam pattern.
To solve this issue, IPF simulated required ideal beam patterns for night driving environment of each LED color. Aiming to deliver ideal beam patterns, IPF spent countless hours of light distribution simulation testing and optimized LED placement.
White color LEDs:
• Produce further reaching and wide beam pattern
• Provide improved road visibility for width and crosswise direction
• Complement head lamp light distribution, reducing dark blind area
Yellow color LEDs:
• Produce focused light on center front side
• Ensure improved wet road surface visibility