IPF 901WP Halogen Driving Lights (Pair)

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The latest development of IPF, which combines the modern design of the lens and reflector with the latest achievements of world technology,

H9 bulb with a power of 100 watts, used in headlights 901WP, have the highest brightness compared with others in its class.

Special seals and a high-tech manufacturing process provide protection against penetration of dirt and moisture and, as a result, a longer durability range.


• Lights are waterproof!

• Lenses made of tempered glass (transparent colour)

• supplied in a round casing

• 2 Supplied lights

Size: 200mm Dia. x 116mm

Complete Kit includes:

• 2 IPF Lights 

• Harness and Relays connected to the set

• LED switch-type "mouse"

• Protective Grilles 

Country of origin: Japan