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The Cobra is the ultimate choice when it comes to the best competition single motor electric winch for your vehicle. It has been designed with the competition in mind and has many features ideally suited to high performance motorsport events.

The winch body is CNC machined from high grade heat treated aerospace aluminium from solid billets. With its air free spool and air brake system the Cobra offers control and reliability previously unavailable on a winch to the off-road and motorsport sectors.

The Cobra can give you speeds of 24m/min (79ft/min) for the standard 12v model, and 38m/min (125ft/min) with the Cobra ‘Overdrive’ gear-set giving you a choice so you have the power and speed when you need it.

You can also over-volt the winch motor (24v onto 12v Motors) with the RED Supercharger Kit.

The electrical power of this winch is supplied by our top end ultimate winch motor, the OX motor. The high power Albright solenoid packs are used to switch direction of the motors and to also provide a feed to the air solenoid for the brake system.

One nice feature is when you are lowering out you can switch your isolator off to the winch (no power to the motors) and just flick the winch out button on your dash. This still activates the air solenoid and releases the brake and your vehicle only pulls out rope off the drum for the amount of drop your vehicle needs or moves. This means compared to normal winching you do not get overrun or excess rope coming off the drum and out the back of your truck causing snatching and jerking as the vehicle takes up the slack rope that has been spooled out.